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Principal's Message

Dear Students,
On Behalf of the Management, faculty and staff of Karmayogi Engineering College it is an honour to welcome you to this prestigious institution.
    We at Karmayogi Engineering College are strongly committed to providing quality technical education to our students. Now What does quality consists of? Is it mere state-of-the-art laboratories and a well furnished classroom or does it also involve the proactive participation of teachers and students alike? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves before embarking on this journey.
  In the ensuing years our faculty took up this task seriously, of trying to understand what international quality means and of making the effort to make this a reality. Of course we laid emphasis on educational infrastructure laboratories and libraries and other resources for teaching.
  But the core of our efforts centred on applying innovative methods to our teaching-learning and evaluation, inspite of the large numbers we deal with. If our students don't pick up the skills of analysis and critical thinking, all the memorisation and reproduction they may achieve in this Institution will be in vain in the global culture and economy. It is our belief that every student has an unending pool of talent and when nurtured properly can help bring out the best in that individual.
  The approach of the Institution is holistic. It has called for learning methods that are more demanding both on the professor and student. It has led to a renewed emphasis on research for faculty and to initiating a taste for research among students. The monitoring of this process by Heads of Departments and by Academic Administrators, in order to encourage good practices and to evaluate their effectiveness, gives hope of a renewal of academic culture on campus.
I want to congratulate you and wish you the best on this journey. It is our assurance that at Karmayogi Engineering College you will emerge as tomorrow's leader, today.

Dr. Sanjay P. Patil
M. E. Electronics, Ph.D. Electronics

Registrar's Message

Dear Students,
We have a vision to contributing for all round development of our nation. We are striving hard to have qualitative improvement in the levels of education, environment and economy of this region. However, it does not mean that we have closed our windows for others. Our campus has a cosmopolitan character and we have large number of students from neighbouring universities. We are willing to have collaborations with other Universities, both national and foreign, in a joint endeavor to open up new avenues for the students and to improve our existing setup. We also welcome industries to carry out R&D activities in collaboration with the experts from our Karmayogi Engineering College, Shelve Pandharpur.

It is possible only if you share the dream and passion to achieve it. Procuring an admission in this Institute is not the achievement but to sustain the goal, learn and unlearn in the journey, to practice the profession with highest ethical standards and to involve pro-actively in the issues facing the society, is the real achievement.
    I hope you are able to find answers to your queries. Your constructive criticisms shall help us to serve you better.

Mr. Ganesh D. Walke
Registrar, Karmayogi Engineering and Polytechnic College, Shelve Pandharpur
We have excellent result for all the departments. And stood in first five of the Solapur University F.E. result


Admin Faculty Information
Mr. Walke Ganesh D.
Registrar, Karmayogi Engineering and Polytechnic College
Qualification: M.S.W.
Experience: 16 years
Contact No.: +91 9881009779
Mrs. Palekar Arti P.
Qualification:B.Sc. M. Lib
Experience: 14 years
Mr. Vibhute Rajshekhar D.
Qualification:B. Com
Experience: 09 years
Mr. Wangikar Mandar H.
Qualification:M.Com. GDC&A
Experience: 04 years
Mr. Bagal Shantinath P.
Qualification:B.A. Politics
Experience: 04 years
Mr. Bhuse Santosh R.
Qualification:B.A. Politics
Experience: 02 years
Mr. Gaikwad Ganesh V.
Store Keeper
Qualification:B.A. Hindi
Experience: 05 years
Mr. Ghadage Chandrakant V.
Office Boy
Experience: 04 years
Mr. Kate Balu A.
Office Boy
Experience: 05 years
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